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Pizza Perk Reward Program FAQ’S

What are Northern Lights Pizza® Perks?
  • It’s our new NorthernLights Pizza Co. rewards program!
How do I enroll?


  • SCAN or CLICK the QR Code above to sign up and start earning your rewards today!
  • NEW customers: when you create an account, you will be asked to confirm “Yes, I Would Like to Join Northern Lights Rewards”.
  • EXISTING customers: Log into your NLP Online App, then go to My Account, then Edit Profile to check “Yes, I Would Like to Join Northern Lights Rewards”.


  • When calling a store, ask them to add you to the Pizza Perks rewards program. You will need to provide a valid email address.
How do I earn points?
  • When you first enroll, you automatically receive 25 points.
  • Enrolled customers automatically earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • There may be special promotions where you can earn additional points.
What do points earn?
  • When you accumulate 100 points, you earn a $10 reward that can be applied towards any future order.
  • Reward vouchers expire after 60 days.
How do I check my Pizza Perks account balance?
  • ONLINE: Log in to your account and click “Order.” Select Carryout or Delivery and select a store. Your Rewards Account balance will be displayed. Click “My Rewards” to see any unused $10 credit vouchers.
  • VIA PHONE: Ask the Team Member taking your order to check your rewards balance.
How are the reward points applied?
  • ONLINE ORDERS: By default, it will apply any $10 rewards in your account to your order total OR you can choose to save them for future orders.
  • PHONE ORDERS: Ask the Team Member taking your order to check your rewards balance and apply the $10 reward to your order total.
What about gift cards?
  • No rewards points are given when a gift card is purchased. Rewards points are given when a gift card is used as payment on an order.
If I sign up for the program at one store, can I earn points and use rewards at a different store?
  • In general, yes. Pizza Perks accounts are cloud-based, so once you are enrolled in the rewards program, your rewards can be accessed and updated from any participating store. Currently, the rewards program is not available at our Altoona location.
Can I use only part of a $10 reward?
  • No, it is all or nothing. The $10 rewards do not carry a balance.
What if my order total is less than $10?
  • Again, it is all or nothing. If you apply the $10 reward, the entire $10 reward is used up even if the order amount is less than $10.
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